Government transition

Government Transition

Author: Philip Cartwright Co-Author: Nick Mulder Voting day is still almost three months away (an eternity in politics), but the issue of government transition and its impacts on the flow of government business, both during the campaign and immediately after its conclusion, are worth looking at. During the campaign itself, there are relatively strict rules governing what government business continues …

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Campaign Styles and How to Use Them to Your Advantage – Part 1: Issues Campaigns

In the lead up to the 2015 federal election we have decided to take a critical look at the different styles of campaigns that will come to the forefront in the coming weeks. The character of a campaign can change based on a number of variables, with no two campaigns ever being exactly the same. In the coming weeks, we …

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Budget 2015: A Financial Sleight Of Hand Balances the Books

As promised, Finance Minister Joe Oliver has balanced the Budget for the 2015-16 fiscal year, delivering on a central tenet of the Conservative Party’s 2011 campaign platform. While the government was able to achieve its balanced budget goal within its four-year mandate, the surplus – initially reported as $1.9 billion last fall – was whittled down to $1.4 billion following …

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How Open is Open?

As the 2015 election date (October 19, in case you were wondering) creeps closer, the major federal political parties are in full nomination mode, aiming to ensure that all ridings across Canada have viable, electable candidates ready to wave the party flag. This year the nomination process is different. For the first time, all three major parties are conducting open …

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