The Fight of their Lives – Which Cabinet Ministers are Facing the Biggest Challenge at the Ballot Box?

The job of a federal Cabinet Minister for the government is usually an easy one come election time.  They most likely have a safe seat, and will spend more time on the Conservative secondary tour helping other candidates, than spend any time on the hustings in their own riding.  In fact, since taking power in 2006, the Conservatives have only seen five Cabinet Ministers go down to defeat in three general elections.  To quote the Hunger Games, the odds are ever in their favour.

However, nine years in power has reduced those odds somewhat.  Of the 39 members of the Harper Cabinet, five Ministers did not re-offer for the 42nd General Election.  Of the remainder, 24 of them are virtual locks to be re-elected and will only be out of their Ministerial position if the national seat count doesn’t go the Conservative way in October 19th.

As for the final 10, the fight is on – one that is harder for some, and will in some cases end up with new MP’s who are portrayed as “giant killers” in the local press.  With the help of the seat projections from threehundredeight.com, let’s see which Ministers might want to consider dusting off their resumes?

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Green Light – Sweating a Little


ed-holder GREENEd Holder leona-aglukkaq YELLOWLeona Aglukkaq alice-wong YELLOWAlice Wong




Yellow Light – Sweating a Lot


gail-shea YELLOWGail Shea kerry-lynne-findlay YELLOWKerry-Lynne FIndlay greg-rickford YELLOWGreg Rickford
joe-oliver REDJoe Oliver chris-alexander REDChris Alexander



Red Light – In Deep Trouble


Bernard Valcourt john-duncan REDJohn Duncan