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Liberal Party Wins Majority Government

Liberal Party wins Historic Majority Government In a historic result, the Liberal Party of Canada, which started the 78-day campaign in a di
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Back to the Future: Returning Liberal MPs

When any political party has a significant increase in seats following an election, there is always some concern expressed about how the new
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Coalition Lessons

The notion of a formal coalition government has and continues to be debated as one of a series of potential outcomes for next week’s electio
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Outcome Scnearios- liberal

Possible Outcome Scenarios: Liberals Win

In yesterday’s piece, we looked at what it would mean for Canada if the Conservatives win a minority. Today we look at the potential outcome
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Outcome Scnearios

Possible Outcome Scenarios: Conservatives Win

Over the past three months, all of our attention has focused on the 19th: Which way will Canadians vote? Who has the lead? What crazy thing
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Canada-U.S. Trade: Promoting Regulatory Cooperation

Trade with the U.S. is by far the single most important foreign relations issue Canada has. It forms a central part of Canada’s economic sec
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Behind the Curtain: Debate Planning – Who’s in and Who’s Out?

Election 2015 didn’t just break the mold for Leaders’ debates, it smashed it to smithereens. As a result, it’s been a fascinating election f
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What’s the Deal? Trans-Pacific Partnership

On October 5, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) exploded into the mainstream of the federal election campaign. With the announcement from
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Hot Air

A Whole Lotta Hot Air – The Climate Change Debate

Climate change has been a recurring issue throughout the campaign, even finding its way into the foreign policy debate as the leaders discus
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Face à Face 2015: The Final Face-Off

For the second time during Canada’s 42nd federal election campaign, party leaders met in Montréal to face-off in a French debate organized b
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Promising Prescriptions: Where has the Pharmacare Debate Gone?

This is the second in Global’s three-part series on national Pharmacare as an issue in the federal campaign. Stay tuned as parties continue
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urban rural divide

Emergence of the Urban-Rural Divide in Canadian Federal Politics

In 2011, the National Post published an article claiming that evidence suggested the rural-urban divide “simply wasn’t happening” federally
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Cabinet and an Overlooked Point of Influence: Cabinet Committees

Regardless of who forms government after October 19, a new Cabinet will have to be named. This process is always of interest to the Parliame
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Leaders on Social Media

The Digital Battleground: How Effectively are the Leaders Engaging Online?

Canadians are global leaders in the amount of time we spend online. We look at more cat pictures, read more blogs, post on Twitter, and brow
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2015 French-language Federal Leaders Debate

Le Grand Débat: All Five Party Leaders Square off in French Debate

With a three-way tie between the Conservatives, NDP and Liberals in the polls, the stakes were high going into Thursday night’s French debat
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The Female Candidates of #Elxn42

Last week, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was the first of the national party leaders to commit to appointing a Cabinet that was equally gend
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What If

The NDP: What if they Form the Government?

With the three major parties still locked in a virtual tie in the polls, it is too soon to predict who may form the government on October 19
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Game changer

Game Changer – How Premier Notley is Approaching Leaders in #elxn42

A pressing issue that has driven the discourse of each campaign has been the economy - and no jurisdiction across the country has felt the p
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Breaking Away: The NDP Health Platform

In a campaign where the public has identified health care, particularly for seniors, as a priority issue, the federal party leaders have gen
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Celebrity Endorsement

The Politics of Celebrity Endorsements in #elxn42

As the marathon campaign continues, the federal parties are increasingly going to new lengths to attract attention amongst voters – especial
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The Battle for the “Left” Coast

Vancouver is a space of political contradictions. The beautiful city is home to some of Canada’s most affluent citizens and stands as the la
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Second Leaders Debate Focuses on Economy

With one month remaining in Canada’s longest election period in more than a century, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, New Democratic Part
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wave 4

High Tide: ‘Orange Wave’ Set to Continue in Québec

High tide: 'Orange Wave' set to continue in Québec  Québec is an important battleground for the NDP and the Liberals in the 2015 federal ele
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Trade and the Federal Election

Trade has received increasing coverage in the 2015 federal election campaign. At campaign stops, the Conservatives have leveraged their stro
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The View From Edmonton

The View from Edmonton – How the Federal Election is Being Viewed in Alberta’s Capital

It is widely considered the “home turf” of Alberta’s New Democrats and is the region that helped propel the party into its first majority go
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Fight Night: Kathleen Wynne vs. Stephen Harper

A fight for the ages has broken out on the campaign trail. In the red corner we have the Queen of Ontario, the Justin Trudeau confidant, the
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Refugee Crisis: A Turning Point in the Campaign?

It can take one incident, made very public, to shift public opinion during an election period. Before last week’s photo of the drowned three
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National Pharmacare Debate: What are the Parties Saying?

This is part one of a three part series addressing the role of pharmacare in the national healthcare debate. In this series, we will discuss
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Choppy Waters – Things for the Oil and Gas Industry to Watch During the Federal Election

While the outcome of the election is far from certain, the widely varying views of the major parties on the energy industry have already beg
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Meanwhile, in Alberta…

On September 3rd Alberta’s Wildrose candidate Prasad Panda won a provincial by-election in the riding of Calgary-Foothills. This was the sea
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Election? What election?

If you’ve been at the cottage, campsite, or just decided to take the summer off politics, welcome back and fasten your seatbelts – you’re in
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Discount the Greens

Don’t Discount the Greens…Yet

On election night in 2011, enthusiastic Green Party supporters gathered in an airport hangar in Sidney to celebrate a historic first: the el
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Liberal Party Platform on Infrastructure – Deficits to Spur Growth

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has released his party’s plan to stimulate the economy and create jobs via infrastructure spending to the tune
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Rural Broadband Connects to Voters

Last week, the Conservatives unveiled their costliest direct spending commitment in this campaign yet - an additional $200 million for rural
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The Fight of their Lives – Which Cabinet Ministers are Facing the Biggest Challenge at the Ballot Box?

The job of a federal Cabinet Minister for the government is usually an easy one come election time.  They most likely have a safe seat, and
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Doug_Ball Crop

Campaign Messaging: An Ode to the Staged Photo-Op

It should be expected that during a political campaign, particularly one as long as the current 78-day Canadian campaign, there will be gaff
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Campaign Ads

Campaign Ads You May Not Have Seen

Authors: Laurie Griffin and Samantha Peck As the first month of the election campaign slowly comes to an end, I am sure every single Canadia
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Parties’ National Campaigns – Behind the Scenes

In some ways, the 2015 federal election campaign is unique. A near-record-setting 11-week duration, the sophistication of the major parties’
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Issues Management

Ignore At Your Own Risk: Campaign Issues Management

During election campaigns, it is nearly impossible to guess how long an issue will have legs for. The wrong issue in the public eye can rede
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“Battleground British Columbia”?

B.C. is a land all on its own. Separated from the rest of Canada by the Rocky Mountains, the residents of “Lotus Land” often think and act d
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Healthcare Debate Missing from Federal Election

Thirteen years have passed since Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day famously held up a “No 2-Tier Healthcare” sign during the 2000 leade
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Campaign Styles 3

Campaign Styles and how to use them to your advantage: Part Three – Campaigns run on vote splitting

Welcome to Part Three of our series: Campaign Styles and How to Use Them to Your Advantage. In this final edition, we will look at campaigns
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Aboriginal Vote 2015 logo

Election 2015 and the Aboriginal Vote

Could Aboriginal voters actually influence outcomes in the upcoming election? According to the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) riding-by-rid
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Government transition

Government Transition

Author: Philip Cartwright Co-Author: Nick Mulder Voting day is still almost three months away (an eternity in politics), but the issue of go
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Infrastructure Funding

Federal Infrastructure Funding Pre-writ Announcements

In the lead-up to the call of the 2015 federal election, the Conservative government rolled out an extensive infrastructure funding announce
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Kicking off the Campaign: the Maclean’s National Leaders Debate

  Already notable for its length, campaign 2015 gained an early milestone on Day 5: the first English-language leaders debate.  Landing
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Infographic – 2015 Election: How Will Cabinet Change?

We cannot assume the Conservatives will win the next federal election, however, if they do, the faces around the Cabinet table will be a lot
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Campaign Styles 2

Campaign Styles and How to Use Them to Your Advantage – Part 2: Campaigns Run on Strength of Leader Personality

In the lead up to the 2015 federal election we have decided to take a critical look at the different styles of campaigns that parties will u
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NDP In Alberta Canadian Federal Election

Could the “Orange Chinook” Extend into the October Election

The Alberta election results in early May shocked people across the country leading some to wonder if a similar result could be replicated d
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NDP Energy

NDP Leader Outlines Vision for Energy and the Environment

Energized by the NDP landslide victory in Alberta, NDP leader Thomas Mulcair outlined his party’s vision for energy and the environment in a
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Campaign Styles and How to Use Them to Your Advantage – Part 1: Issues Campaigns

In the lead up to the 2015 federal election we have decided to take a critical look at the different styles of campaigns that will come to t
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New Ridings - BC

A Look at… New Ridings – British Columbia

British Columbia will see significant change in the 2015 election, with 6 new seats being added for the province, bringing the total number
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Polling Updates Title

Inside the Numbers: The First Three Months

Although the 2015 Federal Election is not expected until October 19, it is never too early to start analyzing trends in polling data. At the
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Budget 2015: A Financial Sleight Of Hand Balances the Books

As promised, Finance Minister Joe Oliver has balanced the Budget for the 2015-16 fiscal year, delivering on a central tenet of the Conservat
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Icon for pipeline infographic

Infographic – Oil Pipeline Projects: Support by Party

Ever wonder where the Conservatives, Liberals and NDP stand on the proposed oil pipeline projects, like the Keystone XL? Follow the pipes to
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New Opps

Infographic – “Greening” the House of Commons

Even before making bold predictions on who will win the 2015 election, we now know there will be a lot of new faces in the House.
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How Open is Open?

As the 2015 election date (October 19, in case you were wondering) creeps closer, the major federal political parties are in full nomination
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The Election

Complete coverage of the 2015 Canadian federal election. Includes polling trends, nomination updates, reviews of battleground ridings across the country, overviews of high profile candidates, lists of MPs who are not running again and policy positions for all of the major parties in the next campaign.

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