Liberal Party Wins Majority Government

Liberal Party wins Historic Majority Government In a historic result, the Liberal Party of Canada, which started the 78-day campaign in a distant third place and was focused on bouncing back from a landmark collapse in 2011, rebounded to a resounding majority victory in yesterday’s election. This marked the first time in Canadian history that a party had jumped from …

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Outcome Scnearios- liberal

Possible Outcome Scenarios: Liberals Win

In yesterday’s piece, we looked at what it would mean for Canada if the Conservatives win a minority. Today we look at the potential outcome scenarios associated with a Liberal party win. Today’s polls tell us that a Liberal minority government is a very real possibility on October 19. This is a big change from what the polls were telling …

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2015 French-language Federal Leaders Debate

Le Grand Débat: All Five Party Leaders Square off in French Debate

With a three-way tie between the Conservatives, NDP and Liberals in the polls, the stakes were high going into Thursday night’s French debate. The first to feature all five party leaders, the debate proved to be a dynamic and lively atmosphere, with attacks made from all sides. The debate provided a venue for the five leaders to demonstrate who they …

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New Ridings - BC

A Look at… New Ridings – British Columbia

British Columbia will see significant change in the 2015 election, with 6 new seats being added for the province, bringing the total number of Members of Parliament to 42.  This addition of seats in the largest increase in the province in 101 years, when 6 additional seats were added in advance of the 1914 election.

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