Liberal Party Wins Majority Government

Liberal Party wins Historic Majority Government In a historic result, the Liberal Party of Canada, which started the 78-day campaign in a distant third place and was focused on bouncing back from a landmark collapse in 2011, rebounded to a resounding majority victory in yesterday’s election. This marked the first time in Canadian history that a party had jumped from …

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Outcome Scnearios- liberal

Possible Outcome Scenarios: Liberals Win

In yesterday’s piece, we looked at what it would mean for Canada if the Conservatives win a minority. Today we look at the potential outcome scenarios associated with a Liberal party win. Today’s polls tell us that a Liberal minority government is a very real possibility on October 19. This is a big change from what the polls were telling …

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Outcome Scnearios

Possible Outcome Scenarios: Conservatives Win

Over the past three months, all of our attention has focused on the 19th: Which way will Canadians vote? Who has the lead? What crazy thing has a candidate done now? With only a few days remaining until the 19th, it’s prudent to begin considering what happens the day after the election. While we here at Global shy away from …

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Leaders on Social Media

The Digital Battleground: How Effectively are the Leaders Engaging Online?

Canadians are global leaders in the amount of time we spend online. We look at more cat pictures, read more blogs, post on Twitter, and browse more YouTube videos on average than the majority of the world. A recent study by comScore found that we spend an average of 36.3 hours online every month. That is higher than both the …

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